It’s become fairly common for people to believe that the moon affects us. Just like the fluctuations of the ocean tides, we too are drawn by the push and pull of the moon’s relationship with gravity.

What’s less commonly discussed is how the moon’s placement in the sky affects us earth dwellers.

While the sun is more of a yang, masculine nature; the moon is more yin and feminine. I’m not talking about sex, but qualities. The sun allows us to work, produce and grow externally; the moon illuminates’ shadows, it’s more sensual, emotional, allowing us to grow internally.

Astrology can help us understand our monthly tendencies. What if every single month during the Libra moon you experienced immeasurable loneliness or every Leo moon you wanted to go out and party? Does that sound crazy to you or can you see a certain amount of truth to this. Is it so unfathomable to believe that your experience could be both individual and collective? What if you could map your energetic emotional needs each month so that you could be productive on days that the moon benefits that nature and be restorative when the moon suits that kind of experience?

Where yoga comes in: Did you know that during medieval times in order to be a physician you had to be an astrologer. That is because your body is made up of the same stuff that’s in space. We are literally stardust. Our bodies mirror the stars, planets and zodiac above. Each part of the zodiac rules a different part of the body. Taurus rules the neck, Pieces rule the feet etc. What a beautiful way to understand our physical experience, through the lessons of the zodiac. Instead of having neck pain maybe you ask yourself “am I being stubborn?” “Does my home match my needs?” “Do I wear clothes that represent my personality?” “Am I giving too much without receiving anything in return?” Through using the ancient teachings of yoga we can start to unravel the stories of the zodiac within ourselves that can help us see our natural gifts and where we might need more assistance.

Astrology is a language that helps you understand yourself and the world better. What if the moon in cancer (governs the chest and womb) wasn’t just something theoretical or wooh-woo but an opportunity to ask your body how it wants to heal? Ex. To give your ribs a voice that speaks of self-care and protection and creating healthy boundaries. The way your body works truly is as unknown as the bottom of our oceans and the farthest galaxy in the sky. There are so many parts to us it can be overwhelming. Astrology helps us navigate the waves of our earthy experience, so that we not only survive the unknowns of life but also thrive.